Around the 1970s, there was a really strong impoverishment of the bird species who live in our rice territory, particularly it was noticed a progressive leaving of aquatic birds.

Luckily, some rice farmers have decided to strive for environmental safeguard by cultivating eco-friendly rice according to the F1 law of the P. S. R. ( Rural Development Plan) decreed by the Regione Piemonte on the basis of EU directive 1257/99.

The restoration of the eco-sustainable environment has let our territory host again the nesting of various aquatic species, such as:

  • Ibis
  • Egret
  • Gray Heron
  • Lapwing
  • White Heron
  • White stork

Eco-friendly rice:

Rice is produced in a “clean” way, fully respecting the environment, by using traditional techniques and innovative technologies.
Cultivation takes place under the direct control of the Regione Piemonte’s technicians.
Each phase of the rice conservation after the harvest excludes the use of chemical products.

The meaning of Supply Chain and Traceability

The rice supply chain is the set of all the protagonists that contribute to bringing rice to the tables of consumers.

ECORÌ AGRICOLA s.r.l. owns the entire supply chain as its partner’s growers, processors, and distributors of the product. The traceability of the supply chain is the documented identification of all the companies that have contributed to the various processes.