Classic line

What distinguishes the Ecorì Classic Rice line from all the other rice?

  • Only Italian rice
  • Only Extra Selection Rice, the product contains a maximum of 1.5% of breakage
  • Only guaranteed rice in its certified variety and indicated 100%
  • Only Eco-sustainability cultivation rice
  • Only Rice Certified SGS Uni En Iso 22005: 2008, traced with complete agri-food chain.
  • Only rice with a winning Quality-Price ratio.

Products +

What are the Ecorì Products+?

Line that completes the sale of the “Classic” Rice range:

  • Medium Black Integral Black Rice
  • Long rice B Integrale Rosso Ermes
  • Ribe Integral Rice
  • Long rice A Parboiled
  • Long rice B Aromatic Apollo
  • Rice biscuits

Gift line

For a special thought, choose the Ecorì Gift Line. Why?

Here you can find the classic vacuum-packed tile of Rice, even in the jute dress for gifts that want and must express “Territory Product, True Italian Excellence with Taste and Refinement”.

Quality objects can be packaged with the entire range of products selected by us among wine, sweets, flavors of autumn and not.