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Our cooperative guarantees an environmentally friendly production of rice by following the agronomic and ambiental guidelines that the Regione Piemonte has decreed.

We utilize only eco-friendly traditional techniques and sustainable innovative technologies to grow rice, fully respecting the environmental characteristics of the area. Furthermore, we don’t make use of pesticides and preservatives.

RICE, which is 100% guaranteed also in its varietal purity, safeguards consumer’s health and allows to prepare great dishes.

Ecorì Agricola s.r.l.
Via Trino, 200 13100 Vercelli (VC) - Italy
Tel. +39 0161.271920 fax. +39 0161.297630

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le direttive AGROAMBIENTALI della Regione Piemonte.

Quality on your table
Rice has unique nutritional properties: its starch it’s perfect for our diet because it is digestible at any age, it is gluten-free and not allergenic, it helps to protect our intestine from the consequences of eating disorderly and it is utilized from our organism to product available energy, without increase adipose tissue.