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Ecorì, Rice farmer since 1914 cultivation and sale of rice.

What is eco-friendly rice

Our cooperative guarantees an environmentally friendly production of rice by following the agronomic and Ambiental guidelines that the Regione Piemonte has decreed.

We utilize only eco-friendly traditional techniques and sustainable innovative technologies to grow rice, fully respecting the environmental characteristics of the area. Furthermore, we donate make use of pesticides and preservatives.

RICE, which is 100% guaranteed also in its varietal purity, safeguards consumers health and allows to prepare great dishes.

Quality on your table

Rice has unique nutritional properties: its starch it’s perfect for our diet because it is digestible at any age, it is gluten-free and not allergenic, it helps to protect our intestine from the consequences of eating disorderly and it is utilized from our organism to product available energy, without increase adipose tissue

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The Rice

Rice is the most widely consumed cereal grain in the world.

Rice plant is a member of the grass family. As a cereal, its grain is composed of proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals, but mainly of starch, a very nourishing and easy to digest component. However, rice is the only cereal that does not contain gluten, so it is suitable for people who suffer from gluten sensitivity (such as celiac disease). Rice is a nutritious and safe food and, furthermore, is a real important dietetic product that nature offers us.

Digestibility is higher in rice than in all the other farinaceous food, pasta included:

Starch breaks in two different molecules: amylose and amylopectin. Amylolitic enzymes sinthesize the branched amylopectin easily, it means that amylopectin is easier to digest.

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Our History

Only 100% guaranteed rice

ECORÌ Agricola SRL was founded in 1999 as a cooperative but later turn into a limited liability company whose asset is held mostly by the farmer. Their aim is to produce and sell the best quality of rice they cultivate.
The farm gathers up only the cream of our partner’s crop, which has about 1300 hectares under rice cultivation and manufactures it in the rice mill of our partner Giuseppino Viazzo.

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News and Events

Contact Us

Ecorì Agricola s.r.l.

Via Trino, 200 13100 Vercelli (VC) – Italy

Tel. +39 0161.271920 fax. +39 0161.297630

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